Keynotes and seminars


Dr.John Price is available to address your meetings. He is available for Keynotes, Workshop Sessions, or Half-day or One-day Seminars.He can tailor his presentations for all levels, from newbies wanting to get started on a path of financial security through to experienced professional investors.

The following is an example of one of one of his presentations.Please contact John to discuss your needs.

Finding Hidden Value in the Stock Market Overview of the Presentation This presentation will b e built around the three keysto successful investing:

  • Knowing who you are as an investor including your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes
  • Being able to quickly identify great companies in terms of their financial health and management ability
  • Calculating what is the right price to pay to safely get the return you want.

The session will focus on the principles for a systematic long-term  approach to investing for your self (or for your clients) based on the ideas of Warren Buffett who turned $140,000 into $42 billion. We will cover the characteristics of different investing styles, how to determine if a company is undervalued, and how to
confidently estimate the profit from holding the stock. Extensive stock data will be provided.

Major Topics

Depending on the length of the presentation and the audience, topics can be chosen from the following list:

  • Basic investor types
  • Key measures for company value
  • The difference between intrinsic value and real value
  • Criteria for a great company
  • Different roles of equity, assets, capital and debt
  • Checklist for companies with long-term value
  • Importance of economic moats
  • Setting target prices
  • How to forecast earnings growth
  • Margins of safety and how to stress test your investments
  • Putting together a portfolio
  • Importance of being a conscious investor
  • Role of ethics in investing

The topics can be presented at all different levels.


Depending on the topics chosen and the audience, at the conclusion participants will have:

  • Learned their basic investor type
  • Identified emotional traps
  • Clarified criteria for a successful company
  • Established a checklist for companies with long-term value
  • Learned how to calculate target prices
  • Developed a step-by-step rational approach to investing

This dynamic and interactive presentation includes practical exercises that help audiences to move the knowledge, success and enjoyment of investing to the next level.

Available as a Keynote, Workshop Session, or half-day or One-day Seminar.