There is More to Being a Conscious Investor

Despite all the hype and madness on the surface of the stock market, underneath you are dealing with real businesses with real products and services. This book shows how you can identify the best of these businesses and profitably invest in them using well-founded timeless value methods. With this book you will become a conscious investor and experience the stock market as a lot of fun, with the process of building wealth and financial security a pleasure instead of a stressful duty. But there is more to being a conscious investor. I also use the term to describe someone who invests in companies with products and services they believe in and perhaps even use. In this sense, another component to being a conscious investor is recognizing that measuring value also includes how the money is made, and not just the amount that is made. Investing in this way provides not just quantity, but also an additional layer of quality. It is like making a small nudge towards your own version of a better society and a more caring world.

"This book looks at the stock market methods of Benjamin Graham, John Burr Williams, Warren Buffett, Robert Wiese, Joel Greenblatt, James Tobin, William O'Neill, Maynard Keynes, James Ohlson, Bruce Greenwald, Kenneth Lee, Robert Haugen and others. The valuation methods include net current asset value, discounted cash flow (DCF), dividend discount, payback, magic formula, residual income, CANSLIM, q-theory, PEG and PEGY ratio, benchmark, option valuation, expected return and many others."

Timeless Value Approach

The Conscious Investor covers each of the main methods used to calculate value or expected return in the stock market, along with descriptions of how and when to use them, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Interspersed throughout the methods are the timeless investment principles of Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, and others. The book: Includes balance sheet methods, dividend discount methods, discounted cash flow (DCF) methods, expected return methods, and many others Explains the significance of viewing real value as a combination of a stock's price or market value and its intrinsic value Comes with free access to key functions in the author's Conscious Investor® software The Conscious Investor is indispensable reading for everyone with an interest in investing in the stock market, from novices to experienced professionals. Using this book as your guide, you'll quickly discover what it takes to be a conscious investor and have confidence in knowing what and when to buy, when to hold, and when to sell. It will help you develop what Warren Buffett calls a "sound intellectual framework for making decision and the ability to keep emotions from corroding that framework."


Dr. Price started his career as a research mathematician with positions in major universities around the world.

After publishing two books and over 60 papers in peer-reviewed journals in mathematics, physics and finance, Dr. Price set as a research objective to understand the best investment methods of Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, John Burr Williams, Peter Lynch and others. He personally programmed, tested and compared over 30 different stock valuation methods in his search for the best of the best. This led to the development of investment software called Conscious Investor® which his company has sold around the world for the past nine years. It also provided the background and research for The Conscious Investor.

“I am passionate about helping people make money to gain financial security so that they can live the lifestyle they choose,’ he said. “I am also passionate about helping them make money to support causes and foundations that they believe in.

This is why I left a career in academia including a tenured position in a leading university. This why I devoted my time to studying Warren Buffett and other great investors, developing the investment software Conscious investor, and writing The Conscious Investor.”